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CHARACTER NAME: Leaf. Just.. Leaf.
SERIES: Pokemon: LeafGreen and FireRed
CANON POINT: After receiving her 8th badge.
APPEARANCE: Look at that sassy pose.

PERSONALITY: It's obvious to see that Leaf carries herself with a manner of confidence. She's got a spring in her step and generally seems unaffected by what's going on around her. Her usual expression is either a grin or a scowl, as her moods tend to be on the extreme, so she'll either come across as very approachable, or very unapproachable. She really is confident in herself, too. Sometimes overconfident. She's boisterous, bold, and upbeat, and always willing to speak her mind when she feels like she should. Still, despite her caricatured nature, she's proven to be a force to be reckoned with; she's defeated numerous people in battle, and the prodigious Green even considers her a worthy rival (even if he doesn't vocalize it often).

She is fiercely independent to the point of being a role breaker. She doesn't care what other people say she should be or how she should think. She's only concerned with how she thinks she should be. It gets to the point where she seems a little antisocial. She doesn't make friends easily because of this and, at times, can be quick to judge others, often writing them off as boring and uninteresting. While generally civil, it takes a lot for her to form an actual bond with another person, which she finds much easier to do with Pokemon. Before she had received her first Pokemon, she would often bury herself in video games, becoming quite a prodigy at them.

Very determined and headstrong, she almost always wants to have her way, and will make sure she gets it. She does everything in her power to make sure she's always in control. She's a bit like that bossy girl who thinks she knows everything, in many ways. She can come across as abrasive occasionally, but she doesn't really many anything by it. She's just a straight shooter and extremely open and honest about her feelings. This is one of the reasons why Pokemon like her so much, and why she's such a good trainer; she's a natural leader.

Under stress, despite what you'd expect, she's actually very calm and composed. She's able to keep a level head at almost all times. If she wasn't smiling or scowling all the time, she'd really come across as indifferent or stoic, when she really is not. She has an interesting air to her, and she's actually really friendly when you get to know her, so people are usually a little drawn to her. Something about her quirkiness mixed with her aura, I suppose. Due to this, she has a tendency to get mixed in with other people's problems. How did she end up fighting team rocket? Gosh, she doesn't know. It just sort of happened. People also have a tendency to challenge her, right out of the blue. Leaf is pretty much a trouble magnet without even trying, but she doesn't mind, considering how much of a thrill seeker she is.

She can get angry pretty easy, especially with certain people (looking at you, Green). Her temper is a little ferocious and she definitely stays mad for a while. So just don't get on her bad side, okay? She's really persistent about it, too, and will be sure to remind you every chance she gets just how mad you've made her. It's more of a nuisance than anything, though. She can be a bit of a gadfly. If she likes you, though, then you should be fine.

She is very protective and loyal of her friends. She'd do anything to defend them. In general, she's a very protective person. She would risk her neck for another person in danger if she felt like they needed help. She might not let you cheat off her homework or something, but if you're in trouble, you can bet Leaf'll be more than willing to help. She'll be a bit embarrassed if you comment about it, though. Leaf really is a good person, though she may not admit it; I mean, a bad person wouldn't go out of their way to stop a crime syndicate, now would they?

Her extensive history with video games also makes up an integral part of her. She uses video game jargon occasionally, and can make references passively pretty easily. She doesn't really notice when she does it, either, so if she ask, she'll just look sort of confused. It's just something you have to get used to.

Adventurous and ambitious, she's a bit of a daydreamer and an idealist. Before becoming a Pokemon Trainer, she'd often sit and think about how awesome her life could be, before being drug down back to reality. She can't stand being told what to do, especially when it comes to how she lives her life. It's her life for a reason, after all.

ABILITIES: She's a completely normal human girl. Other than that, though, she has heightened strategy and problem solving skills, due to all her video game playing and Pokemon Training, a creative mind, and a drive to keep going as long as things are interesting.

POSSESSIONS: Leaf will be coming to Inaba with her clothes and a small messenger style bag, full of Pokemon Trainer essentials (potions, pokeballs, etc.) that here are pretty useless.

THE FOOL - As the main character of a game all about journeying and growing along with your Pokemon, I feel the fool arcana would fit Leaf quite well! She journeys across an entire region, learning and developing into an adult along the way, and faces many hardships, ones she must solve and find the answer to herself.
THE MOON - Leaf is a daydreamer, and someone who has a few escapist habits, mainly before the game begins. She loses herself in her own imagination and the world of video games, doubting the intentions of others and generally being a distant, standoffish person.
THE HERMIT - A loner, she travels all by herself, sans her Pokemon. Through her seclusion, she grows as a person and learns to be more open to others. She's able to reflect on things that happen to her and, with the help of her Pokemon, become a better person, one who is more trusting and willing to branch out. In a way, her seclusion is a door that leads to an ideal life.

SHADOW:   Initially standoffish and rude when talked to, her shadow manifests initially as a complacent version of herself, lazing around and playing video games. It laments about how boring life is and how much it strives to do more. It's a rather pathetic shadow in that it rolls in it's own self pity but refuses to act on it.

Her dungeon takes on the form of a classic metroid level, getting increasingly red and filled with lava as you proceed through it. Similar to the game, the final boss is trapped in a glass casing, and it must be destroyed to get to the boss, who takes the form of a large but malfunctioning android version of Leaf, except many times larger. It's eyes blink red, green, and blue, and it fights through electrical discharge.

PERSONA: Zapdos.


(For panfandom apps, one of these must be set in the world of Caligo.)


Dear Diary,

Ugh. I can't believe I'm even writing in you. This is stupid. You're stupid.

But not as stupid as Green. He thought it was oh-so-hilarious to give this as a joke gift to me. It wasn't even funny! I guess he's trying to insult me for being a girl or something. He probably doesn't even know. Hmph.

Anyway, this place is pretty booooring! I expected it to be a lot more fun, being dumped into a whole different world and all, but it's pretty much no different than sitting around at home. I'd rather be at home. At least there, I'd have my Pokemon. I bet they miss me, too..

I must be pretty bored, though, given that I'm actually writing in a diary. Who finds this fun anyways?

Oh well. Until next time, I guess,


Leaf was practically having a sensory overload. Really. She didn't know if she could handle anymore of these. It was sheer perfection, really. Everything she could ever ask for in life. Adventure that never ends, cute friends to travel with.. It had to be a dream. It just had to. No way she could go to sleep and wake up in a game boy advance game the next day. It was impossible.

... Or was it? Leaf was never one to doubt things unless she saw the impossibility with her own eyes. People got spirited away all the time. Maybe they all just ended up here, or something? You never know, really. It was too real to be a dream, anyways. The cold water that touched her skin, the feel of the soft fluff of her new Igglybuff rubbing against her face, the sounds of the trees gently swaying in the wind.. she knew dreams couldn't be this clear.

So it was official. It had finally sunk in. She was in the Pokemon world with no money, food, water, access to her parents, or place to sleep. But it's not like she cared. It was an adventure, all she ever wanted, all she ever pined away for. It had finally been realized.

Looking down at her Igglybuff, it beamed up at her. "It's you and me now! Can't wait to be best friends." Her Igglybuff squeaked ecstatically as it plopped along next to her. So, where was the first gym?

(third person recycled from legendsnet application!)


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